Today’s hectic lifestyle can leave you feeling stressed, worked up and completely worn out. Everywhere you look, people are in a rush and we’re increasingly staying connected through our various electronic devices. As a result, most of us are reporting an increasing disconnect with ourselves and with each other. We’ve lost touch of who we are and we end up feeling empty, unsatisfied or unfulfilled in life.

When this happens, a restorative wellness retreat might be just what the doctor ordered to get your life back on track. One of the best destinations to take such a retreat is Lazalu- a remote resort situated at the edge of Zion National Park.

This idyllic location is perfect for those looking for an immersive, peaceful experience where they can just unplug and relax away from the daily stresses of life. Lazalu is private and secluded so you won’t be bothered by the noise, bright lights or deafening sounds of the city. Here there are no crowds and the solitude makes it an ideal place to pause, reflect, reinvent yourself or simply celebrate the joy of being alive.

Get Renewed & Uplifted At Lazalu

Scheduling a wellness retreat to this serene and wild corner of the southwest will do wonders for your mind, body and soul. There are several activities you can indulge in to kick-start your physical wellbeing and energize your body.

For starters, the host can make arrangements for a private on-location massage. Treating yourself to a massage in the wild will leave you feeling like a new person as all the tension drains away from your body and nature’s beauty soothes you.

Alternatively, you can take part in a group yoga retreat at Lazalu. The dynamic yoga movements will be physically stimulating, helping to sculpt both your mind and body, healing you and encouraging you to practice daily mindfulness.

If you’re a glamper, then the Lazalu experience isn’t one to miss out on. You’ll have the entire park to explore, challenging both your physical and mental limits through canyoneering and rock climbing. If extreme activities are not your thing, you can simply go for scenic drives or choose to hike along one of the hundreds of trails starting right at Lazalu’s doorstep. You’ll quickly discover that Lazalu and the surrounding area is brimming with life and natural energy that seeps into you, leaving you feeling more invigorated than ever before.

When you’re in the mood for a little reflection, allow Lazalu’s calm, tranquil atmosphere to lull you into a meditative state. You’ll find it easy to quiet your mind of chatter and only focus on your inner voice to find peace. Your stress, anxiety and frustration will slip away as you spend hours seated on the river stone patio taking in the dramatic views of Zion National Park’s distinctive sandstone cliffs. The sunsets here are breathtaking and the stars at night are simply stunning.

Lazalu’s Accommodation Facilities

Lazalu’s accommodation facilities are designed to further promote your wellness and they are suitable for solo travelers, couples, friends or small families.

There are two quaint rental cottages on the property and both blend seamlessly into the environment, looking like they have always been part of the landscape. Both rentals offer private, secluded accommodation with all the conveniences you’ll need to make your stay a comfortable one.

The smaller cottage- the Adobe Suite- provides an intimate private setting. The rental is clean, bright and airy with pretty art pieces to lighten the décor. There is a set of large glass doors and you can look outside and swoon over the scenery and stars right from the large queen-sized bed. You’ll also have your own bathroom with a hot shower plus a cozy sofa to curl into.

The other rental –known as the Zion Guest House- has enough space for six guests. The room is tastefully furnished with a large marble bathtub strategically positioned so you can enjoy the scenery while taking a bath.

Regardless of the rental you choose, you’ll have access to an outdoor shower as well as a shared kitchen and dining area where you can prepare and enjoy your meals. There’s also an outdoor grill if you’re in the mood for some al fresco dining and a lovely fire pit to help you stay warm. Clean towels, bed linen, Wi-Fi, phone reception and free parking are all available to guests.

Eco-Friendly Resort In The Heart Of The Wild

Lazalu is a green resort that takes great pride in caring for the desert so you needn’t worry that your wellness retreat will negatively impact the environment. The entire property is an off-grid resort with its own well which provides water plus a solar power system that provides heat and electricity. This way, guests are assured of leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint during their stay, something every environmentally conscious person will appreciate.

Here at Lazalu, we’d like to see guests leaving happier and more relaxed than they arrived. So if you need a break from life’s frenetic pace, Lazalu is here waiting to welcome you. Make your reservations today and let the solitude and tranquility of the southwest inspire your wellness journey.