Book Your Wedding at Lazalu

We have found that Lazalu offers a beautiful experience for those that take advantage of the secluded retreats beauty. Book your destination wedding at Lazalu now. Many have enjoyed Lazalu’s unique backdrop for unique wedding bridal and engagement photos.

Steps To Book Your Wedding Stay At Lazalu

  1. Book your dates through Airbnb – rent property for 2 night minimum at $600 / Night + Cleaning Fee
  2. Event fee based on group size.
  3. Arrange wedding details with a full service wedding planner: Forevermore Events is our prefered planner.

*Photography Permit NOT Required For Wedding Bookings

Wedding Venue Rate

  • Average Total ~ $10,000

  • 1st – Rent The Guest Suites
    • Starting at $1,200 (2-night minimum)
  • 2nd – Contact Our Wedding Planner
  • 3rd – Pay Venue Fees – 50% Deposit Up Front – Full Payment 60 Days Prior To Event
    • Up to 30 People: $3,000
    • 30 to 75 People: $4,000
    • 75 and above: negotiable starting at $5,000, contact Lazalu

"A Piece of Heaven in Zion National Park"

"Lazalu is a dazzling piece of heaven that seemed to fall out of the sky when God was having so much fun making the beauty of Zion. The flowers, the trees, the cows, the stars, and the artful architecture all seem to tell a story of human hope and renewal. After long days of hiking, Lazalu offered a big breath of fresh air and rest. Rob is an example of why we love Airbnb so much. He was a generous and endlessly helpful host who inspired us with his stories and passion for life. Our travels are sweet,  but the people are the real treasure! We will come back any chance we have!" - Shaun 

Nothing Compares to Lazalu

Unexpectedly came across this little hidden gem while searching for a location to have our wedding! We had toured a couple of venues but nothing compared to how perfect this location felt! We called Robert & within an hour's notice, he had us touring the property! He was extremely accommodating & very gracious in letting us rent out the entire property along with the Adobe Suite! Our wedding day was truly a dream come true! - Bianca

An Inspired Proposal

“Rob, some moments in life will resonate forever.  That was our stay at Lazalu.  Your place is so special and was so meaningful for both of us, even before we got engaged.  I’m confident the memory will remain strong forever – the sound of your lava driveway crunching as we walked to the shower in the morning, the breeze in the grass as we headed out to the cave, the stars through the back window of the wagon, barely able to sleep because we didn’t want to miss a moment of it.  So beautiful.  I hadn’t planned to propose on our trip but I was inspired.  We’d love to have our wedding there – might be a struggle to get our east coast family all out there.  But we will definitely be back as soon as we get a chance.  Thank you!”

Peace Amongst Millions of Stars

Robert was the best host and was amazing at communicating with us and our wedding coordinator when we had our ceremony and reception at lazalu. The rooms were perfect for the bridal party to get ready and the bride and groom (me and my husband) to stay and have plenty of space and relaxation. We loved the unique details we found at Lazalu and really felt at peace with the gorgeous landscape and millions of stars you can see at night. Would recommend to anyone who wants to be out of the touristy Springdale area, and doesn’t mind needing to drive a bit off the beaten track. Can’t wait to come back!

A Reminder to Slow Down

"Lazalu is one of the most breathtaking places we have ever visited and Rob is very kind and thoughtful. We were lucky enough to have our wedding here and could not have imagined a more beautiful place to celebrate with friends and family. Both houses and the common area/kitchen are perfectly cozy, with an eclectic style to them. The pictures of the scenery surrounding Lazalu do not do it justice - it is truly a stunning landscape just at the border of Zion NP. Rob recommended various hikes immediately off the property that allow you to explore the scenery in peaceful isolation, a stark contrast to the crowds within the park. Even though it was our wedding and everything happened in the blink of an eye, Rob and Lazalu reminded us to slow down and enjoy every moment. We could not have found a better place to enjoy this day and can't wait to return in the years to come." - Madison

An Absolutely Magical Place

"Lazalu is an absolutely magical place. My husband and I had our wedding at Lazalu a few years back and it was beyond perfect. Its secluded location offered peace and privacy for our intimate wedding. The grounds are beautiful. I couldn’t recommend Lazalu enough!!" - Elizabeth



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Welcome to the enchanting Lazalu, Zion Wedding Venue, a gem nestled in the heart of Utah’s majestic landscapes. This oasis of natural beauty and bespoke charm is situated near Cave Valley, adjacent to the iconic Zion National Park, offering a serene escape where nature’s grandeur harmoniously blends with tailored elegance. Established in 2019 by an artist seeking to transform personal loss into a haven of love, Lazalu has evolved from a family artist retreat into a unique wedding destination, featuring four buildings and a cabin, with its rustic straw bale constructions adding to its distinctive character.

Lazalu stands out for its seamless fusion of modern luxury and rustic authenticity.

More than just a venue, it represents a personal story, welcoming guests into its warm, intimate setting. The venue boasts vast, unspoiled views of Zion Park’s red rocks, providing a private and elegant backdrop for your special day. Renowned for its intimate connection with nature, Lazalu caters to events of various sizes, from intimate elopements to grand celebrations, accommodating 2 to 200 guests in Cave Valley and up to 500 in a neighboring private valley. Each setting offers a majestic backdrop, perfect for creating your dream wedding.

The Lazalu team is known for their meticulous attention to detail, dedicated to crafting each wedding to perfection. From the overall ambiance to the smallest touches, they promise a wedding experience as unique as your love story. The venue’s name, Lazalu, holds a special place in the owner’s heart, named in honor of his late wife and symbolizing beauty and desire. Choosing Lazalu means embracing a story of love and legacy.

So, why select Lazalu for your special day? With its breathtaking natural setting, capacity for privacy, and deeply personal touch, Lazalu offers more than just a wedding venue. It invites you on a journey to an unforgettable wedding experience, set against the stunning backdrop of Zion National Park. Here, your wedding day is not just celebrated but is woven into the very tapestry of Zion’s picturesque red rock landscape, making Lazalu Utah’s jewel in the crown for your love story.