There’s nothing quite as restorative and rejuvenating for the soul as unplugging from your busy life and getting away for a few days. At Lazalu, Zion’s premier remote retreat, you can do that and so much more.

Lazalu is a quaint vacation rental in the wilderness, right at the edge of Zion National Park. Here you can experience the solitude of the untouched southwest, giving you ample time for peaceful contemplation and deep relaxation.

Renting the entire property is ideal if you want to visit with your family or a small group of friends of not more than 8 people. This makes it the perfect location for group retreats, small destination weddings, anniversary celebrations or reunions. It is also a great rental for glampers, backpackers, hikers, canyoneers or any other outdoor enthusiasts looking for a base from which to launch explorations into the park.

Lazalu’s Selling Points As A Vacation Rental

As Zion’s best vacation retreat, Lazalu has a lot going for it including:

  • It’s accessibility.

Just because Lazalu is remote doesn’t mean it’s inaccessible. It’s only a 2-hour drive from Las Vegas and 40 minutes away from Springdale and Hurricane, the nearest local towns. If you’re not up to making the drive, a 40-minute helicopter ride from Vegas can be arranged.

  • The incredible location.

One thing that keeps guests coming back is Lazalu’s unique location- right next door to one of the biggest parks in Utah. As such, it’s within walking distance of the park’s major attractions including famous hiking trails like Subway and Lambs Knoll as well as Cave Valley which is famed for its ancient petroglyphs. Additionally, you can go on guided hiking, canyoneering or rock climbing tours on the majestic Zion cliffs and canyons.

  • The exquisite rentals.

Being Zion’s top remote resort, Lazalu doesn’t disappoint when it comes to accommodation. The two rental houses on the property are the picture of understated elegance and rustic charm. The Adobe Suite offers utmost privacy and is suitable for singles, couples or a small family while the Zion Guest House can put up 6 guests. Both rental units are fully-furnished with indoor baths, comfortable beds, air conditioning and wood stoves.

  • The fantastic amenities.

Other than the modern conveniences found in the facilities, this vacation rental also has several amenities designed for your comfort. There is a well-appointed kitchen where guests can prepare meals as well as a dining area that sits 8 people. Other amenities include the outdoor barbeque grill, fire pit and patio. Wi-Fi is also available on the property.

  • Its eco-friendliness.

Best of all, Lazalu is an eco-friendly off-grid resort. To minimize its footprint on the environment, the resort has its own water well and a solar power system for heating and lighting.

As you can see, this quaint vacation rental has quite a lot to offer guests. Schedule your stay today and come experience the serenity and tranquility of the southwest.