Please Consider a quaint stay at Lazalu In The Sheepwagon.

  • $150 /  Night

Guests have use of the outdoor shower,  the outhouse and the full shared property kitchen.

“Hi, I’m Scout. Welcome to my sheepwagon! I’m so glad to share it with you.

I built this wagon in the spring of 1979, the year I turned 24. At the time I was working in the woods for the Boise Cascade Corporation, logging. 

Chevak (my dog) and I had spent the previous summer living in a ’64 Chevy truck with a topper on the back, and we were definitely ready to be more comfortable! So during the winter layoff friends let me set up at their place, and use their shop, to build myself a small home.

There are many wonderful stories to tell of the life that has happened in and around this small magical space. I share some of them in a notebook in the wagon, and some on my website at

I hope that your time in this space will be as magical for you as it has been and is for me.

Perhaps you will share a note about your time here, and what it brought you.

Thank you!”